What is ChatGPT? – Best Features & Limitations

ChatGPT, also known as Chatbot Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence system created by Microsoft Research Asia that enables computers to interact with individuals in a natural language. It recognises voice, comprehends conversations, and produces suitable replies using deep learning models.

With ChatGPT, you may ask questions and receive responses from users that are just like real people! For companies and people searching for a more effective approach to interact with clients or work with colleagues, this offers up a wide range of options.

With its powers, ChatGPT has the potential to be a vital component of the workplace, automating talks and preserving time and resources.

How does ChatGPT Work?

  • ChatGPT is a text-based dialogue system that employs machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to produce automatic replies for queries and prompts.
  • To produce human-like replies, it utilises transfer learning models like GPT-2 and GPT-3 that have been pre-trained on a large dataset of conversations.
  • The system gathers the user’s query and runs it through an NLP model to extract useful data.
  • This extracted data is then sent into the ML model, which checks it against its database of previously recorded data to find contextually appropriate responses.
  • The comparison’s final result is shown as a natural language text answer generated automatically by the system.

Source : https://openai.com/blog/chatgpt/

Best Features of ChatGPT

ChatGPT includes a number of unique features compared to the other natural language processing technologies.

  • ChatGPT can manage exceedingly complicated talks without slowing down or losing accuracy.
  • Its deep learning algorithms’ precise and quick context identification enables it to respond appropriately to human input. This means that clients won’t have to wait for a satisfactory response for very long.
  • It has the capacity to pick up new knowledge and adapt. As a result, the system is able to adapt to users & quickly increase its accuracy.
  • Developers and data scientists may get important insights into how their apps are used thanks to ChatGPT’s powerful analytics features. These analytics can help businesses find patterns in client data so they can tailor their apps.
  • ChatGPT is a fantastic option for multinational businesses searching for natural language processing solutions because it also supports different languages.

Will ChatGPT Replace the Google search engine?

ChatGPT does, however, offer some intriguing applications in search engine technology. Major internet companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are increasingly utilising AI-driven technology to improve their own search engines and virtual assistants.

These businesses may evaluate speech or text information from users in real time using machine learning algorithms to provide pertinent recommendations and results. These systems may eventually contribute to searches being more effective than ever as AI develops.

Nevertheless, ChatGPT ought to be seen as an intriguing illustration of how AI technology is now being used rather than as a substitute for Google’s search engine.

It’s another development towards creating AI-powered robots that can converse with people in a normal manner; this is something we’ll probably see more of in the near future!

Is Chat GPT paid or free?

Therefore, whether chat GPT is paid or free is ultimately a question that all have.

And both are the correct answers!

The chatGPT platform has both free and premium versions. The free edition enables users to set up rudimentary chatbot conversations with predefined text answers and utilise basic Natural Language Processing (NLP) features.

The commercial edition of the platform will be better for individuals who seek more potent features like machine learning, A.I., and voice integration. Users of this edition may take advantage of cutting-edge features including customised conversation trees, multilingual assistance, automated customer service systems, and more.

Overall, a Chat GPT pricing model can be exactly what you need if you’re searching for a strategy to deliver outstanding customer care without going over budget. Because of its immediate benefits and strong emphasis on creating long-lasting ties with businesses and their clients, that may assist you in providing outstanding service at a cost that works for everyone involved.

What Are ChatGPT’s Limitations?

Although ChatGPT has many advantages, it also has certain drawbacks.

ChatGPT lacks access to earlier knowledge in a specific chat, making it difficult for it to recognise long-term consequences or linkages within dialogues. This makes it challenging to follow discussions and raises the possibility of misunderstandings because the machine’s replies could not always correspond with the inquiries or statements made before.

It typically produces products with minimal variability and a fairly predictable framework. The language produced usually feels highly artificial & simplistic as contrasted to genuine human conversations.

Instead of unique information created by the bot itself, many replies are copies of previously published online stuff, which can make dialogue boring or even senseless.

Furthermore, lacking emotional intelligence and understanding, ChatGPT may not take into account a user’s emotional condition while reacting in some cases. When talks start seeming more robotic than genuine, this might further add to misconceptions and lead to dissatisfaction.


By comprehending context, managing multi-turn conversations, offering replies customised to each user’s demands, and utilising language models particularly trained on conversational data, ChatGPT outperforms typical chatbots.

ChatGPT is an outstanding advancement in NLP technology. It’s significant step towards developing really intelligent agents capable of comprehending user intents and responding appropriately, 

ChatGPT offers a wide range of possible applications, and when it is incorporated into business procedures, it will change how people interact with machines.

This is assisting businesses in using AI assistants to provide consumers with extremely engaging experiences.

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