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Top 10 ChatGPT Chrome Extensions That You Need to Know

Since its debut in November 2022, the ChatGPT from OpenAI has generated significant buzz in the artificial intelligence community.

ChatGPT reached a million users hardly a week after it launched, which indicates exactly how popular it is. 

Its quick popularity can be attributed to its intelligence, flexibility, and ability to foster human-like communication.

One of the earliest artificial intelligence innovations that people of all ages had access to clearly and understandably was ChatGPT. Businesses and people alike have gained access to a whole new universe of opportunities as a result.

Even while ChatGPT is a unique and effective tool on its own, adding Chrome extensions can advance it further. 

These add-ons are intended to integrate easily with ChatGPT and improve its functionality. Users may do more in less time by using them to operate more productively and efficiently.

Users may experience the full potential of AI and increase their productivity by utilizing ChatGPT’s strengths and these additions.

Let’s get to the point at hand.

1. ChatGPT Writer

    With the ChatGPT Writer addon, you may quickly and efficiently create expert emails or responses to your previous emails. A suitable answer for your needs will be automatically generated by the addon. Simply type in the context of your discussion and a brief synopsis of your response.

    For producing responses to your emails, this add-on is really helpful and may help to save a lot of time and work. The ChatGPT Writer extension may assist you in writing polished, successful emails that get results, whether you’re responding to a significant customer or simply sending a fast email to a coworker.

    2. Web ChatGPT

    You’re able to make use of the WebChatGPT,  ChatGPT Chrome extension to enhance the accuracy and timeliness of your conversations by adding relevant online results to your ChatGPT prompts.

    This plugin solves ChatGPT’s illegitimate, irrelevant, and out-of-date response reputation, which makes it difficult to trust while conducting research. WebChatGPT enables you to provide more pertinent replies by allowing you to filter results by time and location.

    3. ChatGPT for Google

    This game-changing open-source Chrome extension integrates with all the major search engines, including Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. No matter what your chosen search engine is, you can now obtain succinct answers to your questions from ChatGPT too, thanks to this strong extension.

    By using the official OpenAI API, ChatGPT for Google elevates the experience. This indicates that the extension’s popup window gives you direct access to ChatGPT’s whole feature set. 

    With markdown rendering, code highlighting, and dark mode, this plugin offers a very customized experience. To see the difference for yourself, give it a try as soon as possible! Stop wasting time surfing and start getting answers right away with ChatGPT for Google.

    4. YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

    A practical and cost-free Chrome extension known as YouTube Summary enables you to swiftly comprehend a YouTube video’s content. While watching the movie on your PC, a box with a transcript and summary displays. 

    Without having to watch the full video, you can get an overview of what is happening. The transcripts and summaries can also be saved for later use in your notes. For anyone who wants to rapidly understand the main ideas of a YouTube video, including students, academics, and other professionals, this makes it a fantastic tool.

    5. ChatGPT Prompt Genius

    The standard of the prompts determines the quality of ChatGPT’s answers. Tools like ChatGPT Prompt Genius and ChatGPT are available to assist users in creating effective prompts.

    An open-source Chrome extension called ChatGPT Prompt Genius gives users access to a selection of the most popular prompts from a certain subreddit. Users may use ChatGPT to find, share, and use the best prompts to produce relevant responses. 

    With the help of this extension, users may review and keep their conversation history. With the option to classify and select prompts from the subreddit page, users may more quickly find the appropriate prompt.

    6. Voice Control for ChatGPT

    The ChatGPT Chrome extension’s vocal control functionality facilitates speech communication with ChatGPT by allowing users to enter instructions using voice commands.

    With this extension, users may interact with ChatGPT by setting reminders, asking questions, and carrying out other actions without having to type. ChatGPT provides a hands-free interaction experience and is similar to Google voice inputs.

    7. AIPRM for ChatGPT

    AIPRM is a Chrome add-on that provides a selection of ChatGPT prompts that have been specially selected for many areas, including SEO, SaaS, Marketing, Art, Programming, and more. These instructions can improve how well the search engines position your website.

    The prompts are not just for usage, but they may also be shared with the community or saved for later use. The effective SEO tool AIPRM can assist you in doing keyword research and generating precise and pertinent results to raise the ranking of your website.

    8. ChatGPT Sidebar

    You may access your virtual assistant while visiting any website with the ChatGPT sidebar, a legitimate Chrome plugin. You may use the tools in this sidebar to help you with reading and writing, ask ChatGPT questions, and receive recommendations that are unique to you.

    The sidebar can serve as reading assistance by summarising content, locating related pages, elucidating ideas, clarifying code for programmers, and translating to any language. 

    As a writing assistant, it may aid you with grammatical checks, content expansion, rephrasing, creating ad scripts, and creating video scripts. Additionally, the sidebar offers pre-made prompt templates that you may make and utilize on any website.

    9. Summarize

    Long papers or research reports can be tiresome to read, as anyone who often browses websites would attest. With just one click, you can obtain a detailed summary of every website you’re viewing thanks to the Summarise Chrome extension! Summarise works on any website, including news, articles, blogs, and research papers, unlike YouTube Summary with ChatGPT.

    Summarise stands out because of its cutting-edge technology, which is provided by none other than ChatGPT. The summary system is consistently updated with summaries that have been produced by humans, making it accurate and current.

    Try Summarise to improve the effectiveness and enjoyment of your web browsing! You can easily browse through all of your open tabs using Summarise, which will save you time and effort. Keep up with everything you wish to read while without skipping any important insights.

    10. TweetGPT

    Using ChatGPT, the TweetGPT Chrome addon creates tweets and responses. With this useful feature, you may create new tweets without leaving the current website.

    However, since the extension lacks the human intelligence to determine what is appropriate, it is important to exercise caution when using the tweets it generates because they may be divisive or offensive.

    11. ChatGenie for ChatGPT

    With the help of the Chrome extension ChatGeine, you may smoothly utilize ChatGPT on any website. Using OpenAI’s ChatGPT enhances your browsing experience. You can utilize the extension to utilize ChatGPT straight from the context menu of your browser. 

    Through ChatGeine, you can directly access answers from some search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Duckduckgo, and more. 

    You may keep your ChatGPT session alive for longer periods with ChatGeine’s periodic pinning function.

    12. Merlin

    Here is the final ChatGPT Chrome extension known as Merlin, a scaled-down version of the popular tool that will completely change the way you write, edit, format, and search the web. Using the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl/ Cmd + M,” you can access this ChatGPT Chrome extension, which functions on any website on the Chrome browser.

    Additionally, 11 generations are available each day for free use, making it the ideal option for individuals who don’t need significant usage. The paid version, Merlin Pro, is available if you want more generations or limitless access. 

    Merlin can help you with numerous elements of your job, from producing ideas to improving your writing, whether you’re a student, writer, or professional. Why then wait? Install Merlin right away to maximize your writing abilities!

    End Notes

    So, the aforementioned ChatGPT Chrome Extensions and how it functions must have thrilled and surprised you.

    These ChatGPT-based Chrome extensions are a game-changer for increasing productivity, boosting SEO, creating tweets, and even using your browser to connect with AI assistants.

    Harnessing the capabilities of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, these extensions revolutionize web browsing, granting enhanced efficiency and personalization like never before. However, it is crucial to use them responsibly and remain mindful of the potential limitations and drawbacks associated with AI-generated content.

    So, why not embark on a journey of exploration and take your online experience to new heights? Give these extensions a try and unlock a whole new level of browsing excellence.

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